Oval Office Eagles and/or Full Medallions.


We believe this is the most beautiful and detailed Eagle sculpture bas relief produced in this size pf 48” wing tip to wing tip available worldwide.


The presidential seal that is at the center of the domed ceiling is also available in many configurations.


A similar sculpture is on the president’s Oval Office ceiling, but his is not very detailed having been washed out by many painting over and through the passage of time.

Kim Laurie is standing in front of a unpainted completed Presidential Seal Medallion mounted on an 84 inch disc prior to painting by mounting to the center of the ceiling by the customer.  This is that you can see the relative size of a complete medallion.  These medallions can also be placed in your regular office on a vertical wall!

This Eagle and Shell prototypes were sculpted just for us by talented artist, Jeff Scott of Akron, Ohio.

Use it as a Seal, or the beautiful sculpture that it is on your office wall or ceiling.  

As Americans, especially today, we are very pleased to have produced such an exciting sculptures.

Eagle — from the basic Eagle, to a full kit without disc backing, to a complete mounted Seal of the President of the United States.


Tell what combination that you are interested in and we will be happy to quote you for your specific Oval Office or classically-inspired home or commercial project.

We offer several Presidential Seal Eagle Medallion Options for your Home, Office,
Place of Business, or Full Oval Office Replica

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